Vehicle Wash Systems

SWEEPEX AUSTRALIA provides Car, Truck and Bus Wash Systems in New South Wales.

Whether you want to wash it by hand or take advantage of the huge savings by using a fully automatic machine, we can work a solution to suit your needs

SWEEPEX AUSTRALIA: 100% commitment to quality of service, guaranteed.

We supply:

  • .High throughput, fully automatic car wash equipment for car dealers with a wash quality that easily exceeds the expectations of customers.
  • .Rental agency automatic wash equipment that requires no manual intervention.
  • .Oil company sites where the quality of the automatic machine wash sells itself over and over.
  • .Manual car wash bays for the DIY brigade who have time on their hands, or perhaps a very grubby 4WD.
  • .Custom or "out-of-the-box" vacuum systems that best suit your needs.
  • .Bus, coach and truck wash systems individually engineered and configured to economically and safely maintain the appearance of your fleet at all times.
  • .Custom water recycling systems, designed from the ground up to reduce costs,save our natural resources, and provide wash water to the standard required for continuous quality.

  1. Karcher SB MU Self-Service Wash Bay Equipment

    Karcher SB Wash MU Self-Service Car Wash Equipment

    • Modular self-service wash bay equipment.
    • Pre-assembled, "plug & play" technology.
    • Value added options for increase profitability.
    • Premium quality components for ultimate reliability. Simple to use.
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  2. Karcher TB46 truck and bus wash

    Karcher TB46 Automatic Truck and Bus Wash

    Fully automatic, three brush truck and bus washing portal
    Versatile configuration enables the TB 46 to wash almost any commercial vehicle
    Fully programmable mirror avoidance standard
    Heavy galvanised steel main components supplied as standard
    Delivery anywhere in Australia included with installation

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  3. CB3-Small

    Karcher CB3 Automatic Car Wash

    • Traditional automatic three brush, roll-over gantry-type car wash machine.
    • Ideal for car dealerships and car rental agencies where rapid turnover and high quality is required.
    • Increased productivity with zero intervention washing. Turn it on and walk away.
    • Highly configurable with fully programmable wash functions.
    • Soft "Carlite" foam brushes for gentle washing
    • NEW improved triple-brush wheel wash.
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