Sweepex Industrial Sweepers

SweepEx Brooms are ideal for heavy industrial sweeping applications that are not in the scope of regular mechanical sweeper machines.

With no moving parts, extreme efficiency and minimal dust generation, they are exceptionally cheap to own. Attach simply to a forklift, loader or telehandler and you are ready to sweep in seconds.

Sweepex Brooms

SWEEPEX AUSTRALIA: 100% commitment to quality of service, guaranteed.

The secret to the SweepEx broom is its simplicity.

Bristles are easily replaced and are always available.

Optimum dust supression is the result of closely spaced bristles that trap fine particles and prevent them from becoming airborne. And the more bristles there are, the better the dust retention.

And originating from a country that has the same range of working environments as Australia - from cold, wet and snowy to hot, dry and dusty - you are guaranteed the best performance for your dollar.

  1. Sweepex Valu-Sweep Broom

    SweepEx Valu-Sweep 1500 mm Broom Sweeper

    • Super wide Valu-Sweep 1500mm (60") broom/sweeper
    • Wider sweep path than its smaller brother
    • Sweeps faster than a man and a broom and generates substantially less dust
    • Light industrial use
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  2. Sweepex PRO Series sweepers

    SweepEx PRO 720 1800 mm Sweeper

    • Works indoors and out
    • No moving parts
    • Can be pushed or pulled
    • Produces less dust and flying debris than rotary brooms
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  3. SweepEx MEGA 720 1800 mm Sweeper

    SweepEx MEGA 720 1800 mm Sweeper

    • 720 inch broom sweeper for industrial sweeping
    • Manufactured by the inventor of the forklift broom
    • Incredibly strong and rugged with no moving parts
    • Rent, buy, hire or lease
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  4. Sweepex broom range

    SweepEx MEGA 960 2400 mm Sweeper

    • Often imitated. Never duplicated
    • Sweeps over a thousand kilometres on one set of bristles
    • Little maintenance required to maintain maximum performance
    • No moving parts
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