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We supply spare parts to industry users for 99% of current machines from Karcher, Gerni, ALTO, Conquest and Nilfisk
If you are already a customer of SWEEPEX AUSTRALIA, you will already know how easy it is to deal with us
However, if you need parts and accessories and are not an existing customer, we're going to need some help from you to firstly identify your machine
Please bear in mind that for any one model, spare parts can vary depending on the actual serial number and the production date
Complete the form below with the information that we need to identify the part required and press "Send Your Enquiry"
We would really appreciate a photo of the machine or the broken part, so please feel free to upload an image. It will certainly speed up the identification process

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  • Give us your best possible description of the part. Quite often any numbers that are visible on an item are not actual part numbers, but you can include them anyway


  • Yes, we would like a picture..and one that is worth a thousand words!!!

    Please include a photo of the required part or the model ID plate of the machine or both

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